Acorn Albums

Having a wedding album is having that chapter of your love story in the flesh. It serves as a tangible reminder of your love, your journey, your future and your forever.

How special would it be, to have this story in your hands, ready to remember and share at any moment. Your wedding album is for you to reflect and reminisce on that ‘one day’, where you told each other and everyone else that you love each other, and are each other’s one-in-a-billion. Your wedding album is for those cosy nights on the couch, or at the end of a dinner party, for the curious grandchild or sentimental parent. It is to be shared with your nearest and dearest.  

Your love story will be crafted into a gorgeous, 10x10 inch leather-bound album, made with utmost attention and care. Choose from a range of genuine leathers and colours, and between foiling or embossing the cover. Every spread is carefully curated by Erin to reflect your relationship and your wedding day, so when you look through the pages, you can’t help but smile. Every page is carefully handmade and invisible binding ensures that there are no awkward fold or creases. Your photos will be seamless and really shine.