Samoa — Tarapuhi and George


Have a look into Tarapuhi and George’s love story. Adventurous, outgoing, warm, kind, confident, and happiest in each other's arms, Tarapuhi and George are a couple who help each other grow, encourage each other to better, and bring out the best in one another.

Celebrating their heritage and culture, this wedding takes place amongst the flora and fauna of Samoa, shared with their nearest and dearest. Lush island scenes provided a gorgeously green, natural backdrop to the festivities.

The wedding day was full of joy, laughter, song and dance, featuring a special first dance by the bride and groom. The next few days, we took it to the pool, waterfalls, and forest, creating and collecting memories with the couple and their friends.

We had an unforgettable week capturing their wedding and family getaway in Samoa. You could truly feel the love and happiness every second of the day.