Beulah & Jeremy


Beulah and Jeremy celebrated their love in a way that was uniquely, entirely, perfectly them. It started with an idyllic beach ceremony; waves kissing the shore, a soft sea breeze and a dreamy sky. There was a hike to a hidden setting, where the magic of a waterfall met the magic of a marriage. It wasn't easy, but the daring and spirited Beulah and Jeremy were up for it. The adventures continued, with an entrance to their reception that took everyone by surprise, a rocking party, and an epic ‘Drown the Gown’ moment.

I don’t have enough words for how amazing, exciting and totally authentic Beulah and Jeremy’s wedding was. They got caught in the waves, laughed and loved, and danced right into the night with their nearest and dearest. They are the perfect example of making your day truly yours.

Riverridge, Catlins