Venice - Italy

I fell in love with Venice on the 6th of July, 2017. Beyond the sticky heat and crowds of tourists, it was definitely love at first sight. The slightly sinking buildings, painted in gorgeous pastel and muted shades, kept my camera constantly clicking. Boutiques were tucked amongst bakeries, gelaterias scattered around monuments and museums. There was something to see around every corner.

We jumped on the vaporetto and jetted off the main island to Burano and Murano. Known as one of the world’s most colourful destinations, Burano certainly did not disappoint! The bright shades were so much fun, and many of the houses were decorated to a theme. Arriving in the afternoon, Murano was a little more peaceful, with little shops filled with Venetian glass.

One morning, we decided to beat the heat and tourists, and woke up for the sunrise. The streets were perfectly peaceful and undeniably beautiful, and we saw Venice in a very different light. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, as although I was a little sleep, I was inspired at every canal and alley.